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25 | He/Him | Accounting Technician

Hello! My name is Max, but many people know me as Mchan (pronounced M-Chan). I like to do many things but primarily, I make Let's Play videos on YouTube, and am a Variety Streamer / Speedrunner on Twitch.When I am not on YouTube or Twitch, I am spending quality time with my girlfriend, watching anime of any kind, and/or finding new music. My favorite instrument is the piano, favorite sport is tennis, and I like various genres in music. Although I mostly follow up with Japanese and K-Pop songs. I will be posting whatever goes with my current interests. No NSFW content.

I make Let's Play and Versus videos and I upload them on my YouTube channel every day! My channel is best known for Mario and Pokemon content but I also do other Nintendo and non-Nintendo stuff on an occasion. I do take requests. If there's a game you want to see on my channel, feel free to request here.To see the list of my first 100 LPs, click here

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I am mostly contacted through Twitter [@MchanPlayz] or Discord (MchanPlayz#2916). I am also available on Facebook and Instagram but those are mostly for personal uses. Any other platforms not listed on the icons below, you're most likely not speaking to me.I'm usually available for guest commentary of LPs, other YouTube collaborations, or just to chat! I try to reply to everything as soon as I can. However, I will not be answering any questions about future projects or answer questions that are answered in a video of mine. Feel free to join my discord server to talk with my community members or DM me about project details.While not required, I'd like to know who you are before sending me friend requests on social media or online games. I get shy when I'm meeting people, so I'd appreciate knowing who's adding me.

Let's Plays! (1-100)

This is a list of the first 100 Let's Plays that I have done over the years. Since I have played through a lot of games, I figured the Let's Play list will be very long. So here's the first 100.